We offer:
Voice Recordings
Ensemble Recordings
Voice Direction
Casting from a broad Talent base
We Guarantee:
An Experienced Team of Project Managers
Quick Response Time: Within 2 Hours
Reliable Cost Estimates
Thorough Documentation
Adherence to Deadlines
We Use:
Self-Developed Spezialized A-Z Database Software
3 State-of-the-Art Sound Studios
An Experienced Team of Audio Engineers, Voice Directors, Voice Talent
High-End Coffee Machines

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Behind the Scenes at rain productions Localization

Persons to Contact

Ingo Hugenroth
Managing Director

+49 (0)221 28 397-06

David Bersch
Project Manager

+49 (0)221 28 397-06

Johannes Albrecht
Project Manager

+49 (0)221 28 397-06

Games we localized